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Bioethics  is usually used in a way that includes medical ethics as a subset.  As the more general category, bioethics seems to include additional issues that are not necessarily a part of medical ethics, e.g., research ethics, ethical issues related to new scientific techniques such as cloning, and environmental policy.

For our purposes, we will see bioethics as a general category of which medical ethics is a subset

The Center’s research projects are diverse :  topics range from genetic testing   to end of life . The work is carried out by interdisciplinary teams , to frame and examine issues that inform professional practice, public conversation, and social policy.

Seminar-style meetings review developments in science and policy, frame legal and social issues, and engage in deep-seeking and critical reflection on fundamental principles and values. The end products include reports, conferences, online resources, teaching materials, recommendations, articles, and books.

Research projects are grouped into a broad program areas :

    * Genetics

    * Biotechnology

    * Health care and health policy

    * End of life care

    * Biolaw

    * Ethics and scientific research

    * Narrative ethics

    * Gender ethics


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